Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish Review

Meguiar's Ultimate Polish ReviewThe Ultimate Polish is a finishing polish that removes fine swirls and scratches, when I say light scratches these are scuff marks that you won’t feel with your finger nails. Meguiar’s formulated this to be used in tandem with the Ultimate Compound. The Ultimate series is a compound / polish combo marketed for the consumer market, this product is the consumer version of the pro-grade M205. Take note that it is slightly less aggressive than the 205 so you cannot use this as a follow up to the M105.

How does this product compare with it’s pro grade cousin? A lot of car owners noticed that this polish added more depth to their vehicles (most of the the reviews came from owners of dark colored vehicles). One in particular compared this to both the Ultra Finishing Polish and Scratch X and noticed it was easier to apply and remove compared to the later.

For new car owners who don’t understand – depth refers to how a product deepens the color which is what you want from a polish.

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Features of Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound

  • Contains rich polishing oils that add a deep and reflective shine on the paint
  • Safe to use on all types of paints
  • Removes fine swirl marks
  • Can be used in tandem with the Ultimate Compound in removing moderate to severe paint defects
  • Does not contain any wax

Paint Correction

This product is meant to be used as a finishing polish so do not expect this product to remove moderate to severe oxidation, swirls or scratches. If your vehicle has moderate to severe swirl marks or oxidation, you’ll first have to use a compound then follow up with this to get the best results.

For removing fine swirl marks or scratches, it does a really good job but don’t expect too much if you’re using it by hand. It contains oils so this product doubles as a glaze. These oils fill up any fine scratches that may have not been removed during the polishing process so it leaves a buttery smooth and glossy finish.

Ease of Application

You can apply this by hand or machine.

For hand application use a foam pad or a microfiber applicator pad to get the best results. Make sure to work this product in, if not you’ll end up covering up the scratches instead of polishing it.

Tip: If you are planning to apply by hand, test on a small section to see if you can remove the scratches before doing the entire vehicle.

For machine application, use this with a polishing pad. Remember before application, spritz the pad with detailing spray to help in evenly spreading the product.

To get the most out of this and to quicken the process, you’ll have to use it with a buffer and a polishing pad.

Because this product has oils in it, it isn’t hard to apply either by hand or machine because the oils act as lubrication, just make sure you don’t let this dry up or it’ll be a pain to take off afterwards. Also don’t use too much of it, the secret is using just the right amount to allow the polishing or applicator pad to do its work in polishing off the scratches and swirls.

Ease of Removal

As long as you don’t let this product dry, it won’t be difficult to remove.


Most of the car owners who purchase this product are owners of dark colored vehicles, and it didn’t surprise me a bit because Meguiar’s states that this product will work best on a darker paint and the results don’t lie, I searched around the web and see a pictures of cars that used this product and they all look great! And most of them are black!

Pro & Cons


  • Easy to apply and remove
  • A good alternative to the more expensive Meguiar’s M205 Polish
  • Has oils in it that adds lubrication and also acts as a glaze that fills up scratches leaving a mirror smooth finish


  • Only removes light swirls and scratches
  • Not strong enough to remove fine scratches of an M105, you have to use this with the Ultimate Compound to get the best results.

Customer Reviews

Many consumers were really happy in how this product performed in their vehicles, a lot of them said that it was really easy to apply and remove. One reviewer in particular mentioned using this product to remove overspray on his car and was happy with the results.

“My car is a 2005 CTS and the years started to take a toll on the shine...

“I applied this polish to reduce fine swirl marks on a Honda Ridgeline (not my favorite paint job or color), and I am pleased with the results…

Read all the reviews in Amazon


If you can’t afford a professional grade product, this is a great alternative because it costs just over 6 bucks. For the best deals, check it out on Amazon, and get FREE SHIPPING if you sign up to the Amazon Prime program.


This product would be great if…

You own a black car and concerned on how to maintain it. This product is abrasive enough to remove fine scratches that can be an eyesore on black (or any dark color). It contains oils that act as a glaze so it also helps in hiding scratches leaving behind a deep, smooth and buttery finish that car enthusiasts look for.


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wes - December 12, 2015 Reply

thank you u answered alot of important questions for me… cheers

Peter Ioannou - October 18, 2016 Reply

I was looking into this product and also the Ultra Finishing Polish. It seems to me with the UFP costing 10x the UF it may be a better product. I have a dark car with fine swirls showing in the sun and I’m planning on getting a random orbital polisher.
What would you recommend? I guess I can try the cheaper UF and see the results before buying the more expensive UFP.
Would you be able to recommend an enthusiast’s random orbital polisher?
Thanks.. Peter

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