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How Clean Your Car HQ will Help You in Cleaning Your Car?

Thank you for visiting my about us page. Here’s a little background about myself. I’ve been an amateur detailer for more than 10 years.

When I started out I couldn’t find any online resource to help me out, I basically relied on forums to learn the basics and a list of products that I could use but relying on forums isn’t easy because information is hard to with the way forums are laid out and if you want go back to a specific topic you’ll need to go through several pages just to get the info you’re looking for.

Another option is not learn and just rely on professional detailers or so called valet services to clean and wax your vehicle but it isn’t cheap especially for a full detail job and the costs add up.

I used to bring my car over to a friend who owns a detailing business when I’m too lazy to do it myself but while it is fun to watch the professionals work on your car, it can be painful on your wallet.

That’s why I started this site…

This site is aimed at the novice all the way up to the enthusiast.

The novice detailer will find step by step guides here to get started right away in cleaning their car the proper way using the right tools and techniques, techniques that professional detailers use around the world.

Using the wrong tools and technique is a major reason why a lot of cars on the road have unsightly swirl marks and even oxidation – I’ve seen some really expensive cars with bad swirl marks which is really sad.

How does this site help the more advanced detailer?

Enthusiasts can browse through more advanced topics and read on product reviews to see if a product will fit their specific need.

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Why do I need to do all this?

Because your car probably represents the 2nd biggest investment that you will make after your house and you want to protect that investment. Maintaining its showroom condition is a good start, not only will it extend the service life of your car, you’ll feed good driving around, and keep the re-sale value up.

Whats unique about Clean Your HQ?

As an enthusiast, car detailing is one of those things you would want to do yourself. There’s are a lot of  online resources for beginners, most of them are found in online forums but looking for the information you need can be a little tedious, this site has streamlined the process for you.

Our goal is to provide you an easy to use guide for you to get started in cleaning your car, from beginner to more advanced topics, so can spend less time looking and more time cleaning your car.