Car Detailing Tips

Swirl Free Paint - Car Detailing Tips

Who wouldn't want a swirl free paint

Welcome to our Car Detailing Tips section. Bookmark this as your personal guide to different car care topics, from the interior to the exterior  of your car we’ve got you covered.

The techniques and products used in the guides here are used by enthusiasts and professional detailers all over the world to restore their vehicle’s back to it’s showroom glory.

Do come back often, as we constantly update and add more information to our guides with new products and techniques as they come out.

Exterior Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning and Detailing

  1. How to Wash a Car
  2. Drying a Car
  3. Waterless Car Wash
  4. Optimum No Rinse
  5. Remove Tar and Bugs
  6. Clay Bar
  7. How to Polish a Car
  8. How to Wax a Car
  9. Trim and Molding Care
  10. Convertible Top Care
Scratch Repair
  1. Paint Chip Repair
  2. Car Scratch Repair
Other Topics
  1. Glass Cleaning
  2. Headlight Restoration
  3. How to Polish Metal

Interior Car Cleaning

  1. Car Interior Cleaning
  2. How to Clean Leather

Engine Cleaning

  1. Engine Cleaning and Detailing

Wheel Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Detailing Wheels and Tires
  2. Cleaning and Polishing Alloy Wheels
  3. Cleaning and Polishing Chrome Wheels

Car Detailing Products

Car Wax and Sealants

  1. Klasse Application Guide
  2. Carnauba Wax and Paint Sealants
Car Polisher
  1. Dual Action Polisher Guide
  2. Rotary Polisher Guide