Wash Your Car Without Rinsing with Optimum No Rinse

Before we get started please refer to the tools required for an optimum no rinse wash for product suggestions.

Optimum No RinseThis is a great product to have if you live in a city that either has water restrictions or prohibits residents washing their vehicles using a traditional hose and bucket method, as the name implies an optimum no rinse wash concentrate allows you wash your vehicle without rinsing. It is also great for people who live in apartments and condominiums or areas where parking space is an issue.

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Can I safely wash my car without rinsing?

It depends on how much dirt has accumulated on your car. To be on the safe side, use this only on vehicles with light to moderate accumulation of dirt.

We want to avoid using this on vehicles with heavy dirt accumulation, especially those not regularly washed or if there is visible mud caked on the paint. We recommend that you wash your vehicle first, if your car is really dirty so that you will minimize the chances of scratching the paint. Just use the no rinse wash in the succeeding wash cycles.

How does  optimum no rinse work?

This system is very simple, wash and dry one section at a time before the no rinse mixture dries up. The best part is you’ll only use a few gallons of water.

How to get started?

For this to work well you have to use two buckets. One bucket holds the wash solution and the other bucket is filled with clean water and a grit guard insert to trap any grime and dirt. Use a microfiber wash mitt to take the dirt off your car and rub it against the grit guard insert to trap grime and dirt at the bottom of the bucket.

What is the dilution ratio?

Use a ratio of 1 ounce concentrate per 2-3 gallons of water depending on the brand. You can use a measuring cup for accurate mixtures. Fill the bucket with clean water then stir thoroughly. Dilution rations may vary depending on the brand so please read the label on the back for the correct ratio.

Lets Get Started Using the Optimum No Rinse

Always start from the top and work your way down. If you start on the bottom panel then move to the upper panel, you would likely re-wet the lower panels you just washed and dried thus needing to dry or even wash that section again which is not very efficient. You also risk scratching the upper panels with the build up dirt on the wash mitt from the bottom panels.

Determining the size of the panel

If you’re washing a sub-compact, you can wash and dry the entire hood before the cleaning solution dries up. However washing a bigger car may require you to divide the hood into two workable sections to wash and dry effectively without drying out the cleaning solution. Your main objective is to wash the panel to remove dirt then wipe that section dry before the no rinse solution dries up.

Check the weather

On a hot days or in areas where there is strong wind may cause your wash solution to dry up faster than normal so take this in consideration as well when determining the size of the panel you’ll be working on.

Where do I start?

Start cleaning the roof first then slowly move down to the windows, upper horizontal panels, bumpers then to the lower vertical panels and then lastly clean the wheels. Dip the wheel brush in the bucket of no rinse solution and carefully scrub the wheels, you will notice the dirt and brake dust will come off easy. Wipe with a microfiber towel after.

Don’t use the same towel you used on the paint to clean the wheels, you’ll transfer brake dust from the wheels on the paint!

Here are the other tools you’ll need

Be gentle

On each pass carefully move your wash mitt on your car’s paint to loosen up the dirt but not too hard or you will risk scratching the paint. No need to go back and fort when cleaning a section, you’ll just spread the dirt you just removed on the area you have just cleaned. Remember one or two passes in one direction should be enough then stop!

Rinse your wash mitt often

Rinse your wash mitt or sponge in a bucket of clean water after you dry the panel or section you just cleaned. This removes dirt accumulated on the wash mitt and reduces the chances of scratching the paint.

Don’t forget to wipe down after cleaning

Dry each section or panel after cleaning. You can either wipe or blot the panel dry. If you are going to buff or polish the paint wiping is okay but it you’re just doing a maintenance wash consider blotting with a light wipe after.

Rinse and repeat

After cleaning and drying each section make sure you clean your wash mitt or sponge by rubbing it against the grit insert to take out grime and dirt accumulated then wring out excess water then repeat with remaining panels until you finish the whole car. Don’t forgot to clean the wheels and tires!

Whats do I do next? Run your finger over the paint, you you feel bumps, its time to clay your vehicle to remove surface contaminants and then apply wax after for a nice shine.

Optimum No Rinse, a great way of washing your car without using too much water.


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