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Rinsing is the biggest culprit on why water is wasted when you wash your car, the Optimum No Rinse is a product that does not require rinsing and because of this gallons of water is saved in every wash but the question is does it have enough lubrication to clean without scratching the paint? Let’s find out in this review.

The first time I saw this product, I couldn’t believe the claims it had so I had to try it out for myself. For years because I was concerned with the amount of water I’ve been using, I’ve been looking for this type of product that will be as effective as a car shampoo but use less water.

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6. Price

Features of Optimum No Rinse

  • No rinsing needed which saves water
  • Can be used as a quick detailer and clay lubricant
  • Doubles as a wheel and tire cleaner
  • Safe for the environment because of it’s non VOC formula
  • Easy to use

How Much Water Does it Save?

I cannot give you exactly how many liters I use when washing my vehicle, the rough estimate I can give is around 20 liters or so, depending on how dirty and how big the car is. The 20 liters is a conservative estimate, it can be a lot more.

When you use the optimum no rinse, you basically only use around a gallon or less, and if you compare it with the 20 liters I mentioned a while ago, you have a 75% savings right there. Because a majority of the water wasted in washing comes from rinsing, with this product you don’t have to to that.

How To Use It?

If you’re gonna wash your car, dilute an ounce of optimum no rinse in a gallon of water, make sure to mix it well. You will also need two or three wash mitts, one for the upper half, another for the lower half and the last one for the wheels. Make sure to mark each one for the area it is used for so you don’t mix it up.

Dip the wash mitt in the ONR / water mixture, and ALWAYS start from the roof and work your way down to the wheels and tires. Do one section at a time and wipe with a waffle weave or microfiber towel after finishing each section. Do not rub or put any excessive pressure on the wash mitt, just use a gentle and even pressure and let the product do all the work for you.

You also use this product as a quick detailer or a clay lubricant, the mixture is different, 2 ounces per gallon of water.

Here are some photos of it in action:

BeforeMy car before washing it

AfterAfter washing…

Pro & Cons


Biggest pro would definitely be the gallons of water you’ll be saving, if you add it all up it is huge. Let’s say you wash your car once a week, that’s 52 washes a year, if you use an average of 20 liters of water per wash you’ll save roughly 16 liters per wash (a conservative estimate), multiply that by 52 you are taking about 832 liters a year per car. It adds up pretty quickly.

And because you don’t need to rinse, you’re garage not be as wet and message when you compare it to washing with a conventional car shampoo. This works great for me because I live in a townhouse and my garage is small, so the less water I splash around the better for me afterwards. I have don’t have to mop as much afterwards.

Another pro is you don’t need to buy a wheel and tire cleaner, this product is as effective in cleaning the wheels of your vehicle. It works as well as most of the wheel/tire cleaner in the market and the added plus is it doesn’t contain solvents as these products do. It is has a non-VOC formulation so it will not harm the environment and your health.


I cannot see any con in this product after using it for almost a year but you have to be careful on how you slide the wash mitt on the paint.

The biggest would probably be the price of this product but still with all the savings you get from not wasting so much water and not needing to buy a quick detailer adds up over time.

Customer Reviews

I can only find 2 negative reviews for this product, one said it left a greasy residue which isn’t the case in my experience. The other said you can’t use this on a very dirty car which I also disagree to because unless you go off-road and get all that mud and gunk on, you can use this in most conditions. Where I live, it is dusty and when it rains all that dirt, asphalt, bird poop, etcetera gets on your vehicle, this product worked well for me.


Comparing it to a traditional car shampoo it is slightly more expensive, check out Amazon for the best deals on this revolutionary product.


When I first heard about this product I had my doubts that it would work but it met every expectation I had for it in terms of how it cleaned and how it save me hundreds of gallons of water on every wash, imagine how much water all of us would save if we used this product instead of a traditional shampoo. My water bill is down right now and mother nature is happier because of all the water saved.


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