Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0 Review

Meguiar's Scratch X ReviewThe Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0 is an updated version of the popular Scratch X released a decade ago, this product was released in 2009 along with the Swirl X and the Ultimate Compound in their paint correction product line targeting the consumer market.

Designed to remove light scratches and swirl marks, this product is a cleaner slash polish meant to be used as a “spot” treatment that can be applied by hand to remove unsightly scratches.

While the older formulation was designed only for hand application, this version is formulated to be safe for machine application.

Consumers either loved this product saying it remove the scratches, leaving it almost invisible to the naked eye, or hated this product saying it’s doesn’t really work.

Whether or not this product is for you will depend on how severe the scratch is.

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5. Gloss
8. Price

Features of Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0

  • Formulated to remove light scratches and swirl marks
  • Safe to use on clear coated paints
  • Safe to use with a machine buffer or by hand
  • Utilizes micro-abrasives to remove surface oxidation and blemishes without needing too much pressure
  • Comes in an 8oz container

Paint Correction

Scratch X 2.0 uses the similar micro-abrasive technology that is found in the Ultimate Compound, albeit a different formulation meaning it is less aggressive and will work well on lighter oxidation, scratches and swirl marks. The main advantage of this is that when done correctly it will not leave any haze afterwards on the paint, leaving a surface that is ready for wax application.

It may also work on moderate to deep scratches but do not expect it to completely take them off rather it’ll make the edges of the scratch smoother making it less noticeable at a distance and less of an eyesore. In these cases temper your expectations and don’t expect miracles.

Ease of Application

This is a critical step to determine the success or failure of this product. For best results, use a good quality foam applicator, if that is not available, a microfiber towel will suffice. Pour in a decent amount of Scratch X on the applicator (not too much though) and gently spread it on the surface, you can use either a circular or back and forth motion, it does not matter.

The important thing here is to work on small sections and not let the product dry, if you notice it drying out, just add a fresh product on top of it and continue massaging it on the paint. The key here is not applying to much pressure, as one consumer stated you have to “finesse” it on the paint.

You may need apply this several times on the affected area before you see results, just be patient during this process. Also avoid buffing this product when it is dry, it can cause more scratches as residue from the dried up product can get in-between the towel and paint causing more swirl marks.

Some tools you’ll need with this

Ease of Removal

One simple rule, don’t allow this product to dry or else it’ll be very hard to remove and may cause even more scratches. One technique that you can use just in case it dries up, is to put apply fresh product on top of the dry one then work it in which help dissolve the dried up product then wipe off excess residue before it complete dries.


Because this product is pretty in effective in taking out scratches, it achieves a pretty good gloss but take note you still have to apply wax on top of this to seal and protect the exposed paint and get the best possible shine.

Pro & Cons


The original scratch x has been around for a long time, the 2.0 for around 3 years or so and there are a lot of reviews online. It rates well for the most part. Consumers like how this product makes the scratches – everything from light scuff marks to deeper keyed in scratches less visible, if not totally invisible – tough it will not totally remove moderate to severe scratches.

The micro-abrasives in this product also does a pretty decent job in removing paint transfer that commonly occurs during vehicular collisions. It can also double as a headlight restorer and plastic polisher/cleaner, removing the yellowish oxidation that’s common to neglected cars.

You can also you this to remove stains and watermarks off your car’s windows, if done by hand you will need a lot of elbow grease.

Certainly a versatile product that not only works on paint but on plastics as well, saving you some cash in the process because you won’t need to buy a separate product for cleaning and polishing plastic parts.


Now that we’ve mentioned all the good points, you’d think this product is perfect, but there are quite a number of negative reviews. The confusing part about these reviews is that a majority of them said this product does not take off scratches and leaves a haze afterwards. It all boils down to proper application procedures and tools and expectations. The people who gave negative reviews probably didn’t use enough product or used too much pressure resulting in the scratch still being there or worst creating more scratches.

If one application didn’t remove the scratches, apply more, use moderate and even pressure on the applicator pad and let scratch x do the work for you.

This product will not remove very deep scratches, it’ll however make it less visible by rounding out the edges. Expectations must be realistic when applying this product, if the scratches are light then chances are high that it’ll be completely removed, expectations should be tempered when working on moderate to severe scratches.

Customer Reviews

Reviews were mixed, while a majority were happy with the results, a decent number really didn’t like as well bringing the overall rating down significantly. This can confuse you with regards to the effectiveness off this product that’s why we have dug deep and interpret it for you. This is laid out in detail in the pros and cons section.


In terms of the price per oz, this is more expensive than other competing brands like the turtle wax rubbing compound but cheaper than quixx so it’s priced rather competitively. Check it out on Amazon and get free shipping if you register with the Amazon Prime program.


This is a good product to have in your trunk just if you are the car crazy type that cannot stand the sight of scratches on your car’s finish and want a something that will spot-treat those blemishes by hand. Works really well for light scratches, but for more severe scratches it can also help make it less visible and save you the stress of thinking about what to do with it.


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Chad - October 14, 2016 Reply

This is a great product I have removed paint transfers from my wife’s car and it will remove light scratches and oxidized paint also, the only thing I found that it will not remove is tree sap lol it doesn’t like tree sap but it’s a really great product

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