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The paint is the most visible and exposed part of the vehicle, constantly abused by the rain, UV rays, bugs, tar, asphalt and all other elements. All these contribute to oxidation, swirl marks, and all other paint imperfections that can be very expensive to repair if you neglect to take care of it.

How to Polish a Car Without Burning the Paint

[adrotate banner=”4″]Before you start you will need to have the right tools, so please refer to the tools required to polish your car for product suggestions. People would often think that waxing would take off the scratches on the paint. That is not true. As you apply wax, you simply add a layer of protection […]

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Tools Required to Dry Your Car

Microfiber towels are preferred over terry cloth or discarded bath towels as they are soft and plush, making it paint-safe. It will also absorb a lot of water reducing drying time. If you haven’t purchased a vacuum cleaner, consider the Metro Vac N Blow with its dual function vacuum and blow function, the later can […]

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Convertible Top Care Guide

Convertible Top Care Guide We’ll discuss basic maintenance techniques you can use for your vinyl or fabric convertible top. All little TLC goes a long way in keeping your convertible top good condition for years to come. Before we get started please refer to the tools required for convertible top care for product suggestions. Vinyl Top Care […]

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Trim and Molding Care

Before we get started please refer to the tools required for trim and molding care for product suggestions. Newer car models, especially pick ups and crossover vehicles like the Nissan Navarra and the Volvo XC90 have more plastic or rubber trim on them. It is important that you properly maintain these trim pieces or it will turn […]

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Glass Cleaning

It only takes a few minutes but regular glass cleaning will give you a crystal clean windows that will look great on a regularly cleaned and waxed car. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, a clean automotive glass will greatly help in road visibility, especially during heavy downpour. You’re killing two birds with one stone – you […]

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Car Scratch Repair

Before we get started please refer to the tools required for a car scratch repair for product suggestions. A car scratch repair involves multiple steps. It starts with evening out the paint and ends with polishing to restore the shine. The number of steps will vary depending on the depth and severity of the scratch. The process […]

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