Convertible Top Care Guide

Convertible Top Care Guide

We’ll discuss basic maintenance techniques you can use for your vinyl or fabric convertible top. All little TLC goes a long way in keeping your convertible top good condition for years to come.

Before we get started please refer to the tools required for convertible top care for product suggestions.

Vinyl Top Care

  • Always start off with a good wash. Wash normally as you would on the rest of the vehicle. Only thing to note here is to avoid shampoos that have wax in them as it is not necessarily good for your convertible top.
  • In the case when your vehicle’s vinyl top is very dirty, you will need to spray convertible top cleaner to loosen up dirt then use a brush to scrub the dirt off. Rinse well after.
  • After cleaning and thoroughly drying the vinyl top, apply a vinyl protectant to add a layer of protection from vinyl killing UV Rays. A vinyl protectant also ensures that your top will preserve it’s texture and color for years. Neglecting this step may cause your vinyl top to be faded and cracked over time.

Fabric Top Care

Maintenance and car of fabric tops is similar to a vinyl top, the only difference is the product you will use to clean and protect.

During the manufacturing process, fabric tops are treated chemically to repel water and other contaminants. Over time this layer of protect will wear out because of the harsh environmental elements. Because of this, you will need to monitor your fabric top over time and check for warning signs like water puddles and water spots. When you see these signs, it’s time to treat it with a fabric guard.

A monthly fabric guard application is recommended to maintain the water repellancy of your fabric top.

Tip: Well applying protectant to either your vinyl or fabric top, make sure you that it is dried thoroughly then apply thin and even coats.

Clear Vinyl Window Care

Don’t forgot the clean vinyl windows in your convertible top maintenance. These are notorious for cracking and yellowing when you neglect it. Use a cleaner and protectant to prevent cracks and discoloration, while maintaining the clarity and improving visibility.

If the windows are damaged, you can use a plastic polish to remove grime and contaminants, as well as polish off scratches to restore clarity. After polishing, seal with a plastic sealant to protect against harmful UV Rays.

Ideally you should use these maintenance steps to care and protect your convertible top regularly, if you neglect this steps, the damage caused by fading and cracking can be expensive to repair or replace. These steps don’t take too much time and the benefits are great.


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