Wash Your Car Without Water Using A Waterless Car Wash

Before we get started please refer to the tools required for a waterless car wash for product suggestions.

Cleaning your car with a hose and bucket can take one to two hours, while it is an integral part in car care it may not be always needed especially if your car has only light dirt accumulation. For these instances using a waterless car wash is one of the best solutions in keeping your car clean without having to invest a couple of hours and using lots of water.

A Waterless Car Wash is one of the best maintenance products you can use to keep your vehicle looking sharp in between wash cycles. However this is not recommended if you are going to prep your vehicle for waxing.

Is it possible to wash my car without water?

Waterless Car WashYes it is, by using the waterless car wash solution you can wash your car without water. It is a pre-mixed detailing spray with a lot of lubrication that saturates a panel lifting up dirt so you can wipe them off safely without scratching the car’s paint.

Is a Waterless Car Wash Safe on My Car’s Paint?

Yes it is, if you use the right tools and technique which will be discussed here.

This can be used in between car wash cyles but should only be done when only light to moderate dirt has accumulated on the vehicle. If you’re vehicle is really dirty please wash it first to get rid of the caked on dirt and grime.

You will need a good microfiber towel to do this effectively without damaging the paint. It should be a thick microfiber towel with a deep nap so that it has room to trap in dirt on the towel. You can’t use a thin towel with a flat weave or nap because dirt has nowhere to go and will be pushed around resulting in scratches.

You need a lot of clean microfiber towels for an effective waterless car wash. Fold the towel in half and half again so that you will have eight usable sides. After all eight sides get dirty discard it and get a fresh and clean towel so you spread the dirt around, possibly scratching the surface.

Some Waterless Car Wash guidelines

  • Fold your microfiber towel  in half a couple of times so that you’ll have around eight sides to work on.
  • Always start at the top of the car which is the cleanest part then work your way down to the windows, hood, trunk, upper side panels, front and rear bumpers, lower side panels then the wheels.
  • Spray a good amount of waterless car wash on a panel. The size of the panel depends on how large the area is where you can spray and wipe down before it dries on its own. For instance, half of the hood or roof would be a good sized section.

Here are the steps to use a waterless wash

  • Wipe lightly only in one direction and in a straight line, there is no need to apply too much pressure as this will cause scratches. Avoid wiping in a circular motion, you will only be moving dirt around in circles resulting in swirl marks.
  • Always check on the microfiber towel’s condition as you are wiping. When one side becomes very dirty simply fold to expose a clean side. After all sides are dirty, discard and get a new towel.
  • Wipe the section you’re working on completely dry before moving on to the next.
  • Finally, clean the wheels. Spray a liberal amount of waterless car wash on the wheels then let it sit for at least 30 seconds for it to loosen dirt and brake dust then wipe with a microfiber towel. Don’t use the same towel you used on the paint to clean the wheels, you will just transfer dirt from the wheels on the paint!