Remove Tar and Bugs

Before we get started please refer to the tools required to remove tar and bugs for product suggestions.

Bug and Tar RemoverAfter long trip you find bugs scattered all over the bumper and hood and it doesn’t look good. Not only that these critters can cause major damage to the car’s paint. As these insects decompose they produce chemicals that break down their carcasses and unfortunately it also breaks down and eats through automotive paint that results in etching and marring and if left on an extended period may require polishing and even compounding to smooth-en out.

Not just bugs, your car also has to deal with tree sap, tar ,bird droppings and asphalt. These things contain chemicals that can cause severe damage on the paint when left uncleaned.

Bug and Tar Removal

1. If the affected area is still fresh, use a microfiber towel and a quick detailer to wipe the area clean. This is ideal because you won’t remove existing wax on the paint.

2. If point # 1 didn’t work, you’ll need a strong bug and tar removerthat works well on sticky grime. The downside of using these cleaners is that it strips off wax and you’ll need to re-apply after cleaning but the good news is that spray waxes and sealants makes it easy for you to spot wax your car.

Important note: If you’re using any petroleum based bug and tar remover like the turtle wax or stoners, cover your nose with a mask this because these products can make you dizzy and if you use it often enough, you may suffer from respiratory ailments.

3. If you’re vehicle is covered in bugs or very dirty, the best way to remove them is by washing the entire car. When soaping the front portion of the car use the safe scrub to gently wash the area in a back and fort motion. The honeycomb texture of safe scrub lifts the bugs off the paint.

Before using the safe scrub, soften it by soaking it in warm water for around three minutes. It will soften quite a bit but it’ll still be effective.

Another option for removing bugs and tar is using the Boar’s Hair Brush – its made with real boar’s hair that is gentle yet effective in loosening stubborn road grime, bugs and tar.

4. Another effective tool you can use is the detailing clay. Originally it was created for removing paint overspray but it’s also proven effective in removing bugs, tree sap and tar.

Check out the clay bar guide for an in-depth discussion about using detailing clay.

Some tools you need to remove bug and tar

Maintenance and Prevention

After you remove the bugs and tar, protect the paint with a fresh coat of wax or paint sealant. Bugs and tar will have a hard time sticking to a slippery surface, when they stick they won’t be as hard to remove because of the layer of protective wax or paint sealant that reduces the surface tension.

For your windshield, you can use a windshield sealant like the Rain-X Glass Treatment. It will have the same effect as on glass. An added bonus for applying windshield sealant is better driver visibility during having rain as the water will bead and not streak on your windshield.


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