Mothers Reflections Advanced Car Wax Review

Mothers 10016 Reflections Car Wax

Mothers Reflections is the ultimate automotive enthusiast car-care kit that includes high quality solutions for an amazing, pristine finish for the coating, tires, leather, interior and the top of the convertibles.

Among this line of restoration products, Mothers has two waxes the Advanced Car Wax which we will review here and the Advanced Top Coat. The Reflections Advanced Car Wax has a blend of mild cleaners and polymers (meaning this product is synthetic) that give that deep shine on darker vehicles (most dramatic on black). A majority of consumers agree like how easy it is to apply and remove this product, needing only light to moderate pressure to buffing it off.

However, reviews were mixed when it comes to durability and shine. Several factors that will determine whether this wax is for will depend on the color of your vehicle, and the weather conditions you drive in everyday.

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Important Note: Before applying wax or sealant be sure you’ve prepped the paint, doing this gives you a clean surface for the wax or sealant to bond to and this will maximize the protection it gives, your car will also have a better shine. If you haven’t read our guides on how to washclay and polish, please take the time to do so, it takes a bit more effort but it will be worth it in the end.

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Features of Mothers Reflections Car Wax

  • Contains light cleaners that will remove light oxidation and surface scratches
  • Ideal for car owners who do not have a lot of time to improve the appearance of their vehicle, as it is easy to use
  • Has liquid polymers that leave a protective coating on the paint
  • Can be used as a stand alone product or with the mothers top coat
  • It is able to grant an incredible wet shine, similar to the one you get after washing the car
  • It includes paint protective properties

Durability & Protection

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If you live in a city with high humidity and / or temperature, durability may suffer especially if it rains frequently. It will hold up better in low humidity and cooler temps. However none of the consumers mentioned about using this product in extreme conditions like snow, so their primary concern was getting a showroom shine as opposed to protection.

Ease of Application

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One of the things I look for in a car wax is easy application and removal – I don’t want to spend the whole afternoon waxing! The Reflections Advanced Car Wax excels in this department, just use the right tools. This wax can be applied with a machine or manually using your hands.

For hand application, best would be using a foam applicator pad but a terry cloth applicator would be good as well. Pour in a little amount of wax on the applicator then gently massage the wax on the paint in a straight line and not a circular motion as this can cause swirl marks. Since this wax has cleaners inspect the applicator, if it gets to dirty turn it over so that a clean section is exposed then continue. One thing you’ll notice is how easy it is spread this wax, it has a nice consistency – not too thin, not too thick. Shake well before using. For machine application use a finishing pad.

Ease of Removal

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Prior to buffing, make sure that the wax has dried to a haze. Use a microfiber towel to remove. There won’t be too much powder residue, if any at all afterwards.


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Though Mothers recommend that you use their Reflections Advanced Top Coat as the last step product or LSP, on it’s own the Advanced Car Wax gives a good shine and deepens the shine on darker colored vehicles. Unfortunately for owners of lighter colored vehicles, the effect wouldn’t be as dramatic but if the paint has flakes it can help make it pop.

The cleaners in this product will remove light oxidation, it does a good job in filling in swirls as several reviewers noted that it produced a smooth mirror finish on their vehicles. For vehicles with heavy swirling and oxidation will need to polish first before applying this product for it to bond well with the paint.

Pro & Cons

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For the most part it rated well in most reviews both in amazon and in forums, customers were impressed with how easy it was to apply the wax on the surface, which permeates the painting of the vehicle nicely. Moreover, it is much easier to wipe off compared to other car wax products on the market, as one of the customers pointed out eagerly.

If it can provide results in such a short time frame, does that mean that the results are going to be unsatisfying? Not at all, as most happy customers claim. Using quality applicators and microfiber towels, you will be able to get a breathtaking finish with no swirls, no streaks, no residue and not a single particle of white. And, because it does not emit that petroleum smell typical for car wax products, it can easily transform a routine car polishing afternoon into a pleasant and efficient complete car makeover.


Despite having overwhelmingly positive reviews, this product isn’t without it’s faults. Most of which point to it’s durability or lack thereof. But there are numerous positive reviews that point out this product lasted over a month, you might get confused. Some factors to consider are humidity, ambient temperature, oxidation levels and paint prep prior to application.

Customer Reviews

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For the most part it rated well in most reviews both in amazon and in forums, customers were impressed with how easy it was to apply the wax on the surface, which permeates the painting of the vehicle nicely. Moreover, it is much easier to wipe off compared to other car wax products on the market, as one of the customers pointed out eagerly.

“I found this quite a bit easier to apply than the Meg’s NXT wax… (Read More)”

“The product itself was easy to apply/remove and it worked as intended, but I was expecting to get a bigger bang for the buck since the shine is essentially the same as cheaper “Nu finish”… (Read More)”


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It will retail at around fifteen bucks in retail stores, save more when you buy in Amazon plus get FREE SHIPPING when you enroll in the Amazon Prime program. Check it out on Amazon to find out the best deals.


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This is another good product from Mothers no doubt, very easy to apply and removing without too much residue and streaking. Consider this wax if you own a darker vehicle, especially black, it deepens the color and adds a very reflective shine to it but don’t expect too much in terms of durability. If you get more than 4 to 5 weeks of protection and beading then consider it a very good outcome.


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David - May 13, 2016 Reply

Hello I was just wondering if this product is in fact a wax or technically a sealant?

Why I ask this is because I want to buy this product (which I think is a sealant) to protect my cars paint for a while and then add a wax more often eg every week or fortnight to layer on top to give a more wet look

Which brings me to my other question will a good paste wax/carnauba wax go over the top of this ok or will this product not work with it because it has some cleaning ingredients?


John - November 5, 2016 Reply

Any wax that is synthetic (as opposed to pure Carnauba wax) is a sealant.

You can top off Reflections Car Wax with any wax/sealant that doesn’t have any cleaning/polishing properties which would remove/degrade any product already on your paint.

Reflections Top Coat, any pure Carnauba wax, and spray-on waxes will help you.

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