Mothers 05500 California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste Review

Mothers 05500 California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax PasteIf you have ever shopped for paint protective and shining products for your car, then you probably came across the solutions developed by Mothers more than once.

There are very few companies that have earned the same reputation in the car wax niche and products like the 05500 paste wax so this just goes to show you that in terms of simple and fast application, cost efficiency and durability, they tough to beat.

The 05500 California gold Brazilian carnauba cleaner wax is the latest incarnation of the California gold carnauba cleaner wax, it combines the #1 Brazilian yellow carnauba and light polishes that cleans and protects in a single step.

Because of this rare combination, consumers love the resulting gloss and shine this product gives.

Reviews also reveal that you also need to allot a few hours to apply this product. Here are a few things you need to know before buying this wax.

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Important Note: Before applying wax or sealant be sure you’ve prepped the paint, doing this gives you a clean surface for the wax or sealant to bond to and this will maximize the protection it gives, your car will also have a better shine. If you haven’t read our guides on how to washclay and polish, please take the time to do so, it takes a bit more effort but it will be worth it in the end.

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Features of Mothers 05500 California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste

  • The mixture contains No.1 yellow Carnauba, for effective and lasting shine
  • The cleaning and protection can be achieved through one step application process
  • Can be effectively utilized on other types of surfaces as well (fiberglass, gel coatings, etc.)
  • The mixture is extremely resilient to ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures
  • Constant applications entail long-term advantages for the paint (preservation, shine, etc.)
  • The effects of the 05500 combine the light polishing capabilities with the ability of smoothening slight paint flaws
  • Best product in terms of swirl-elimination in the pre-wax remover stage
  • The container measures 5x5x3 inches, paste quantity is 12 ounces

Durability & Protection

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Brazilian carnauba will give excellent protection, specially against U.V. rays. There wasn’t enough reviews about how long this wax will last, some say it gave them a month worth of protection.

Ease of Application

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If you are accustomed to using to liquid wax, transitioning to paste may take some getting used to. Use a foam applicator to make the application process easier, one technique experts use is placing the applicator pad on the wax and then spin the container on the pad, this liquefies the wax on the pad making it easy to spread on the paint. Avoid getting a big chunk of wax on the applicator as this can be a nightmare to spread on the surface, you’ll end up with chunks of wax that will be difficult to buff off. Using the right technique, application will be easy with the Mothers 05500.

You can also apply this using an orbital buffer but it can be very tricky for machine application because unlike a liquid wax were you can just pour in the contents, a paste wax needs to be rubbed over the surface of the applicator. If the applicator pad is too big to fit in the container it can be difficult and most pads in the market are around 6 to 6.5 inches in diameter. There are small pads in the market like the 3″ Griots Garage Waxing Pad which is great for this purpose.

Ease of Removal

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Better not leave this product on for too long after application, as it gets hard rather quickly and will be difficult to remove. As soon as you finish applying a small section, say a two square foot section, buff off afterwards.


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Because it has the #1 Brazilian carnauba wax in it, expect a warm and deep gloss. This product will do a good job on finishes with minor swirl marks and oxidation, it does a good job in polishing and filling scratches leaving a smooth finish. The best part is you do it all in one step.

Pro & Cons

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Consumers love the overall value this product brings to the table, it had no rating below 4 stars in Amazon. Most of them love the shine and gloss it brought out, and the fact that it’s under $10 it is great value for money.

Keep in mind that even though this is a twofold function product (wax and cleaner) it should not be slapped on a dirty car. Even though the washing can leave some swirls, the 05500 will get rid of them with no problem at all.

Also, because it is a paste and not liquid wax, a panel-by-panel approach to the application is advised, as you will want to avoid it hardening on the surface before you can buff it. In addition, many of the detailing savvies found that for their purpose, this is an excellent product. But after all, we did not expect any less from Mothers.


This product can be difficult to apply, specially for people using paste wax for the first time. Application time can also be an issue for some folks if the wrong technique is used. Like what I’ve mentioned in the ease of removal section, don’t let this product dry too long or else you’ll spend some time buffing.

Customer Reviews

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A majority of users loved the results they got from this wax, some even going as far as declaring that this is the best wax ever. We’ve laid out both good and bad points in detail in the pros and cons section.



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It can go over 12 bucks in retail stores, great news though, Amazon has great deals on Mothers products. Check it out on Amazon to get the best deals and you can get free shipping if you signup to Amazon Prime.


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Folks looking for a 1-step product that cleans off old wax and light oxidation as well as give a warm carnauba shine will definitely want to take a close look at this product from mothers. A great maintenance wax, in between major detailing jobs or for car owners who don’t have too much time in their hands to invest in polishing then waxing.


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