Meguiar’s Car Cleaner/Liquid Wax Review

Meguiars A1216 Car Cleaner/liquid WaxSo you decided to switch your old wax because it was ineffective or because the price was too high for its capabilities, but with the hundreds and hundreds of products available, how will you know which one is worth buying?

Now, we will not tell you that Meguiar’s Car Cleaner/Liquid Wax is your only option or that it can blow away the competition without impairing your car maintenance budget. A majority of consumers liked the time they saved using this product as compared to separately polishing and waxing.

However, not everyone was completely satisfied, saying that this product at best was…average. Find out everything you need to know to find out if this product is for you.

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Important Note: Before applying wax or sealant be sure you’ve prepped the paint, doing this gives you a clean surface for the wax or sealant to bond to and this will maximize the protection it gives, your car will also have a better shine. If you haven’t read our guides on how to washclay and polish, please take the time to do so, it takes a bit more effort but it will be worth it in the end.

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Features of Meguiar’s Car Cleaner/Liquid Wax

Meguiar is a highly respected car wax/cleaner manufacturer with hundreds of best-selling products and these qualities are inherent in this specific product:

  • The liquid wax will not only enhance the shine, but also get the embedded dirt right off
  • The gloss and shine of the paint coating is substantially improved
  • Meguiar eliminates those pesky small swirls effectively
  • The container measures 9x1x4 inches and the quantity of liquid wax is 16 ounces
  • The application is facile, can be wiped off in less than 5 minutes
  • Can be utilized to shine the surface of a multitude of appliances and fixtures
  • You can shine the vehicle after washing to achieve best results

Durability & Protection

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The absence of carnauba and / or polymers hurts the Meguiar’s Car Cleaner Wax in this department, the gloss and depth won’t be as good as other carnauba waxes in the market.

At best expect it to last just a few washes before it wears out. If you are looking for extended protection from a wax, look elsewhere.

Ease of Application

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As with most waxes in the Meguiar’s product line, you can apply either with a orbital buffer or by hand. To get an even coating it is best to use a foam applicator, but a microfiber applicator will also be capable of doing the job. Apply this wax in a straight line or a back and forward motion. Avoid applying this product on a hot surface as it will dry up fast.

When done correctly application will be easy and won’t take too much time.

You can apply this on the whole car then remove this afterwards to save time. Don’t worry about getting this on plastics or rubber, it won’t stain it.

Ease of Removal

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Prior to buffing, allow a few minutes for the cleaner wax to dry up and haze. Basically you can apply this on the whole car before removing it then use a clean microfiber towel to buff excess wax off.


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Because it doesn’t contain any carnauba, don’t expect a dramatic improvement in gloss but that is negated with it’s cleaning capabilities which does a pretty decent job in removing old wax and very light and I mean very light scratches.

Take note that because of it’s cleaning properties, this product can’t be layered.

Pro & Cons

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Just about all the consumers who used this product liked how easy this product goes on and off without too much fuss, also polishing and waxing time is cut significantly because this product cuts the polishing step off the equation. Add to the fact that it is very cheap, makes this an ideal maintenance wax for people who don’t have too much time in their hands for a full detail.


Despite some people claiming that this is the best wax ever, it does has it’s flaws. It is average in terms of the depth and shine and it does not remove moderate to heavy swirls and oxidation. If you are looking for an affordable one step maintenance wax for your vehicle whose paint is in relatively good condition, then this is the product for you. If you’re looking for a polish to remove moderate to heavy swirl marks or oxidation or want a really deep and wet shine you might want to use other waxes designed for this purpose.

Customer Reviews

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The majority of people reviewed this product came out satisfied with the results bringing the overall rating to a positive rating, there were some who think that this product is just average. Find out in detail in the pros and cons section.


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Ever since it’s introduction, the Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax has reduced it’s price significantly. One of the best place to find great deals is Amazon were this product is eligible for FREE SHIPPING if you sign up with the Amazon Prime program. Click here to get the latest prices from Amazon.


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This would be a great product for you if…

You have a white car, busy and have not time to do a full detail on your vehicle, or both. This is a very affordable and a good maintenance wax that will protect and take off very light surface scratches and oxidation on the paint.

On a side note, some customers reported great results when mixing it with NuFinish, so if you’re feeling especially open for experiments, then why not give it a try?


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